VEDER Revisions Policy:

1. Definition of a Revision:

A revision constitutes a set of clear and easily understandable instructions, with each comment precisely timestamped to the video, project, or file name. For instance, "At 01:24, please change the title of the video to green. At 01:28, please slow down the clip."

2. What's Not Included in a Revision:

- Change of music

- Change of soundtrack

- Change of script

- Re-editing the project

- Change of concept

- Shooting new footage from scratch

3. Number of Included Revisions:

The number of revisions included per project is specified in the project proposal provided by our team. Typically, one revision is included. However, additional revisions can be purchased as an add-on, or in some cases, no revisions are included if the client seeks to minimise project costs.

4. Definition of Revision Round as an Add-On:

A revision round add-on entails a fixed price per revision, tailored to the requirements of each project.

5. Deadline for Requesting Revisions:

Clients must submit their revision requests within three days after receiving the initial deliverables. Final drafts, incorporating approved revisions, will be provided to the client within 3-5 days after the submission of comments.

6. Scope of Revisions:

Revisions are limited to minor adjustments and corrections within the scope of the original project brief. Major changes may require a separate agreement and additional fees.

7. Communication Channel for Revisions:

Revision requests should be communicated via email directly to Yoseph at, our head of editing, to ensure efficient communication and prompt response.

8. Turnaround Time for Revisions:

The expected timeframe for implementing revisions will depend on factors such as project complexity and workload and will be communicated upon receipt of revision requests.

9. Approval Process for Revisions:

Revisions will be reviewed and approved based on client feedback. Any necessary iterations or adjustments will be made before finalizing the changes.

10. Expiration of Revision Requests:

Revision requests must be submitted within three days after receiving the project. Failure to adhere to this timeline may result in the expiration of revision opportunities.